Turkish Foreign Minister resigns: Is Erdogan's son-in-law a rebel

Turkish Foreign Minister resigns: Is Erdogan's son-in-law a rebel

Turkish Foreign Minister

US President Donald Trump and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan have a close relationship

The Trump administration

Trump's policies on Turkey have been shocking. He took a very different path from the previous Republican president. Trump has twice surprised Turkey. For the first time, Trump decided to call in US troops from northern Syria.

For the second time, the whole world was shocked when Trump allowed Turkish troops to attack US-backed Kurdish fighters.

The Trump administration tightened sanctions on Iran, but Turkish state-owned banks violated the sanctions, but the United States did not punish them. Even with the deployment of Russian missile defense systems in Turkey, the Trump administration has remained silent.

Trump's former national security adviser, John R. Bolton, has also said that Trump often allows personal relationships to get in the way of national interests. Bolton said Trump has confusion in personal and national relations.

Bolton said Trump was not interested in imposing sanctions on Turkey over its arms purchases from Russia.

One of the New York Times According to a New York Times report, whenever Erdogan was embroiled in other issues, such as Russian missiles and a ban on banks, he sent his son-in-law, Barat, and Trump's Turkish business partner, Muhammad Ali Yeltsundog, to the White House through Kishner.

politics of Trump and Erdogan

Barat attended a conference at the Trump International Hotel in April. The conference was hosted by Trump's Turkish business partner Muhammad Ali.

During the same visit, Jared Kishner had a meeting with President Trump at the Oval Office and Turkey escaped a ban on arms purchases from Russia.

The way Trump and Erdogan do politics cannot be natural partners. Erdogan is raising the banner of Islamic politics and feels that the West is declining.

Trump, on the other hand, is an aggressive nationalist and has repeatedly been prejudiced against Muslims.

Even Trump is friends with Erdogan's biggest enemies. These include Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Israel. Trump's son-in-law Jared Kishner also has a friendship with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The Trump Tower is also in Istanbul and Trump went to inaugurate it in 2012. During the same visit, Trump said: 'My daughter loves Turkey. He also likes Istanbul. She is always happy to be here and has been here many times.

'Relationships are not just political'

Why did the son-in-law from whom Erdogan was getting so much leave the government? Is everything okay in Erdogan's family? Until now, Barat was considered his political successor. Barat is married to Erdogan's eldest daughter Isra.

AK Pasha, a Middle East professor at JNU, says Erdogan is well aware that the Biden administration will not rule on a family basis.
"Erdogan used to work with Trump through his son-in-law because Erdogan's son-in-law was friends with his son-in-law Jared Kishner and daughter Ivanka," he said. But this is not going to happen now. Her son-in-law will no longer be in the Biden administration.

Asked earlier this year about his relationship with his father-in-law, President Erdoan, Barat told the Turkish government broadcaster TRT: "This relationship is not just political. Our relationship is ideal and spiritual.

But just six months after the statement, Barat's political career and relationship seem to be straying again.


The state of the economy

Barat announced his resignation in a post on Instagram on the evening of November 8. His resignation comes as the Turkish economy continues to decline. The reason given for Barat's resignation is health reasons.

A day before Barat's resignation, Erdogan fired the head of Turkey's central bank. Critics say Turkey's poor economic policies are worsening the economy. The Turkish lira has depreciated by 30% this year.

Erdogan has appointed Lotfi Alvan as finance minister following the resignation of his son-in-law. Lotfi was a former deputy prime minister. He also studied economics and is now Turkey's finance minister with a 40 740 billion economy.
It is said that there is such a stir in Turkey in view of the change of power in the United States. What has been said about Biden is that he will be tough on Turkey and will not pay attention to backdoor diplomacy.

However, Erdogan has not yet congratulated Biden. It is also being said that Biden's arrival could be another blow to the Turkish economy, which Erdogan has handed over the responsibility of the finance ministry to strong hands to avoid.

Minister Nasi Iqbal

Barat's resignation

Erdogan has appointed former Finance Minister Nassi Iqbal as head of the central bank. Nassi has been a vocal critic of Erdogan's son-in-law's policies. The language used by Barat in his resignation suggests that he is disappointed.

He only mentioned Erdogan in his resignation. In his resignation, Barat thanked his colleagues, Allah and the Muslims, but did not thank his father-in-law. He even referred to differences within the party in his resignation.

He writes that it has become difficult to distinguish between friends and foes, right and wrong.

He writes that it has become difficult to distinguish between friends and foes, right and wrong.

Barat, 42, studied business at Peace University in New York. Barat was the CEO of a Turkish company before going to the Turkish parliament. In 2015, he became energy minister in Erdogan's government, and in 2018, he became finance minister.

But after becoming finance minister, his economic policies were sharply criticized. On the other hand, Erdogan's interference in the Ministry of Finance and the judiciary was increasing. As a result, the confidence of investors and traders was declining.
Erdogan AND Barat

The most powerful after Erdogan

Foreign investment was declining and inflation and unemployment were rising. In such a situation, Erdogan's popularity among the middle class was also affected. In the same year, Barat used foreign exchange reserves to improve the Turkish lira.

However, this did not improve Lira's health. In 2017, one US dollar was worth 3.5 lira, which today is almost nine lira. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections.
Ekan Ardemir, a former member of parliament from Turkey's opposition party, said Barat would be considered an incompetent minister for ruining the Turkish economy.

Opposition leaders have called for Erdogan to choose his son-in-law or face defeat. After Erdogan, Barat was considered the most powerful man in the Turkish government.

But since becoming finance minister, Turkey's currency, the lira, has not stopped depreciating. Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (AKP) had a leader after Erdogan.
Erdogan manister

Political strife and internal differences within the party

As Barat's stature increased dramatically, so did his dramatic decline.

Darren Akemoglu, a Turkish-born MIT professor and co-author of Why Nation Fail, told the Financial Times about Barat's resignation: They formed a team that worked independently.

Speaking to the same newspaper, a former government official said: "Normally in a democracy everyone talks about cabinet quarrels, political disputes and differences within the party, but in Turkey there is talk of family disputes. It shows what kind of country Turkey is becoming.

Erdogan is Turkey's most popular leader. He has ruled Turkey, with a population of 83 million, for the past 20 years. Under his rule, Turkish democracy is moving towards totalitarianism.

Erdogan's son-in-law's entry into government is also seen as part of the same politics. The AKP was formed in 2001 and was co-founded by Erdogan. In the beginning, the ideology of this party was not so narrow.
Turkish army

Turkish and US forces have been conducting joint patrols in the border areas

Kurdish support

However, former Istanbul mayor Erdogan began his politics with Islamic politics. When Erdogan's new party came to power in the 2002 elections, it came as a shock to Turkey's secular factions and left-wing parties.

But the AKP had the strong support of Turkey's poor and conservatives. Erdogan called for lifting the ban on women wearing the hijab. Such issues affected Turkish conservatives.

In addition, when Erdogan eased restrictions on the use of the Kurdish language, he gained the support of the Kurds. Erdogan also initiated talks between the government and Kurdish fighters. The economy also began to improve.
The AKP government has invested heavily in infrastructure and health. In 2007, FDI in Turkey topped the list with ارب 19 billion in foreign investment. Erdogan also appeared with his family on several occasions.

His family began appearing with him, especially during public events on foreign tours. But family members never joined the government. Ten years ago, speculation in the media intensified that Erdogan could turn his youngest daughter, Samia, into a paid adviser.

But at the time, Erdogan denied it, saying he did not trust the fake media reports. Then it seemed that Erdogan was reluctant to include his family in the government.

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