Why implement a cyber security plan?

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Goals of the cybersecurity plan
As mentioned, cyber-attacks are constantly increasing. The Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute in its information protection report recommends the following when applying a plan

Establishment and review of security fundamentals Integrity: 
                      It is important to ensure that the data does not change. Losing their integrity will cause fraud, erroneous decisions, etc. So the information will be protected from unanticipated, unauthorized or accidental modifications.
Availability: A cybersecurity plan will guide the operational continuity of the system. If not achieved, there will be effects of loss of productivity or credibility. Cyber ​​attack disrupts service delivery to customers.

Why implement a cyber security plan
                   In fact, data protection is a primary goal. Organizations usually possess information that is managed discreetly and cannot be disclosed.
Components to design it
Based on the advice established by Ramírez in the Methodology for preparing the computer security plan, the most important elements are condensed
Establishment and review of security fundamentals
Those responsible for this area will ensure that the basic security systems are fully applied. The more up-to-date they are, the smaller the gap for cyberattacks. These are some of the elements to consider
Intrusion detection system
Automated security monitoring and alarm systems
Spam filters
Identity access control
Strong passwords and authentications
Encryption of confidential data
Collaborate with internal stakeholders
In the event of a cybersecurity violation, the personnel involved and the technology teams will be prepared. Everyone must have a predetermined role related to incident response.
The team will be trained to recognize the signs of an attack. When the time comes, the cybersecurity plan is expected to have tactics to deal with the situation. When it comes to data loss, everyone should be vigilant, because every minute counts.
The cybersecurity response must be tailored to the types of data protected and the circumstances involved.
Order is required in all the people, technologies and processes of the organization.
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