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Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI)

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Robotics is the branch of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, biomedical engineering, and computer science that deals with the design, construction, operation, structure, manufacturing, and application of robots. The Czech writer, Carol Opak, used the term "robot" from the Czech robot in the 1920s drama Rossoms Universal Robots / R.U.R, meaning service or forced labor. The term robotics was coined by Isaac Asimov, defining the science of studying robotics. Asimov also implemented three laws of robotics. In science fiction, humans imagined robots coming into the new world, capturing energy, or getting out of homework.

Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI)

According to its timeline
The following is the most common classification:
The first generation.
Robot manipulation. They are multifunctional mechanical systems with a simple control system such as manual, fixed sequence of variable sequence.
The second generation.
Robot learning. They repeat the sequence of movements the human operator has made in the past.
The third generation.
A robot with sensor control. The controller is the computer that executes the commands of a program and sends them to the manipulator or robot to perform the necessary movements.
According to its structure
The structure is defined by the general configuration type of the robot, which is transformed. The concept of metamorphosis has recently been introduced to increase the robot's functional flexibility by changing its configuration for the robot. Transitions vary from the most basic (equipment changes or terminal effects) to the most complex, such as changes or modifications of its structural elements or subsystems. As pointed out, the devices and mechanisms that can be classified under the generic name of robots are so diverse and therefore difficult to establish a coherent classification of them that support rigorous and complex analysis. Subcategories of robots, based on their structure, can be made up of the following groups:  mobile, android, geomorphic and hybrid.
1. Polyarticulates :
There are many different sizes and configurations in this group, the most common feature of which is that they are basically motionless (exceptionally they are directed to perform limited movements) and whose terminal elements are within a certain range. Designed to move inside.  This group includes manipulating robots, industrial robots, and Cartesian robots that are used when needed to cover a relatively symmetrical or elongated work area on objects along the plane of vertical symmetry. Work. Or reduce the space occupied by the land.
2. Mobile:
 They continue their way through remote control or are guided by the information they get from their surroundings through their sensors. These robots ensure the transportation of parts from one part of the manufacturing chain to another. By means of physical tracks or photoelectrically detected bands from the earth's embedded circuits, electromagnetic radiation, they can also overcome obstacles and have a relatively high IQ
3 Robot and Android:
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Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI)
4 Zumorphicos
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5. Hybrid:
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Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI)

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