Australian cricket’s wake-up call on a culture that has cost it dearly

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Australian cricket’s wake-up call on a culture that has cost it dearly

At first glance, there is a lot to celebrate about Australian cricket right now. Sport has money to spend thanks to recent great pay-TV offerings, Big Bash has strong TV ratings; The women's cricket team is one of the most successful and prestigious Australian sports teams. There has been an increase in youth participation, and many Australians still consider it as our national sport, it is without a doubt the dominant sport of the summer.

By contrast, cricket in the media is reeling from one crisis to another, and the consequences of the now infamous episode of ball manipulation still resonate. Yesterday, the sport received another blow.

An independent review of Cricket Australia culture was published, concluding that "winning without counting costs" was largely responsible for the recent ball and sled manipulation scandal, verbal abuse and teasing on the field, which has been an ingrained habit of Australians. team for decades.
The review found that the sport was fraught with cultural issues that put so much pressure to win that it manifested itself in cheating and sledding, covertly sanctioned by administrators. With 42 recommendations, it is clear that Cricket Australia needs to change.

The biggest cultural issue for the sport right now is sledding, and one of the recommendations calls for the cricket's anti-bullying code to address abusive behavior.

While annoying a player might have been an acceptable part of the game, the sled has reached a point where a strict code of ethics must be developed and adhered to. While this may remove some of the unique nature of the sport, it will eventually bring the focus back to the game.

Sledding is important because it is a type of cheating. The increase in cheating, be it by match-fixing or sledding, is related to the increase in marketing and gaming in the sport.

Australian cricket has established business relationships with major sports betting agencies and an official partnership with Bet365. There have been numerous allegations of international match settlements. And the ball manipulation scandal has confirmed that Australians no longer maintain moral ground.

Relentless pressure to win has infected the sport at all levels. Sledding is just one of the symptoms.

Why is this so important to Australians?
 There may be a clue to what else is happening: a recent bank investigation, immigration-related fears, contempt for politicians, growing mistrust of public institutions, poor performance and declines in international educational tests, stagnating wages and falls (a despite a world record) on economic growth), concern about high house prices and energy bills. In 2018, Australians have a lot to be anxious and angry about.

Cricket has always remained above everyday concerns and has been a source of national pride and an ointment in times of fear. In the history of colonial Australia, cricket has been an inspirational organization that provides strong links with our communities (schools, geographical districts, states, and territories).
 and has helped define Australian identity.

The first organized sport of modern Australians at both schools and in the community setting was cricket. Our first sporting victories against the "home country" - England - were in cricket test matches. Cricket was responsible for giving us legitimacy. Our best cricket players became heroes. Generations considered Don Bradman, Dennis Lilly, Steve Waugh and Mark Taylor as role models.

It is the dominant sport and cricketers are best represented in what is Australia's drowsiness. If he played the sport, he played in a difficult way (although it is not a contact sport) within the highly revered rules; Cricket could help you learn that funny defeat is as admirable as a victory.

Also, especially from around 1990 onwards, the Australian men's team was outstanding. They won the test and one-day series in full, continuous brilliance, producing some of the best players the game has ever seen.

But, in recent years, the legitimacy of Australian cricket has diminished. Many of us who love sports and all that it represents has been disappointed by recent events at the elite level. This was confirmed to us yesterday with the report, which, fortunately, did not sweeten the diagnosis.

So what is the cure? A revised, strict and well-monitored code of ethics for staff and players will not suffice. Cricket needs to work with business partners or abandon them if they cannot meet high ethical standards as well.
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